The bucket list


What are your goals and aspirations for your “golden years”? Personally speaking, I have been too busy working a full week and then taking care of my household and parents before they passed to really give it some serious thought. Until lately…

It should come as no surprise that we all have different views of what constitutes a happy retirement. What is concerning, however, is that people don’t seem to be talking to their spouses or partners about their retirement plans – what they want from their retirement lifestyles – to occupy the time that used to be filled up by their nine to five routines.

That is what a poll by RBC found, entitled “Silent Partners: Majority of Canadian boomers have not discussed retirement with their spouses or partners”.

It finds that more than two-thirds (68 per cent) of Canadians aged 50 and older who have not yet retired have not discussed their ideas with their spouses or partners. Canadians’ reluctance to talk about the subject is right up there with talking about how to manage if a partner encounters health issues or if a partner passes away prematurely.

Furthermore, men and women apparently have very different ideas of how they want to spend their post-career years, according to the poll. So, while we are good at having conversations about what we want to do for our vacations, planning for the longer term is not a discussion most of us have. Of course, that could lead to no end of discord, when you are finally spending many more hours with your mate in your later years.

I suppose talking about the retirement lifestyle that we want is a dilemma of riches. After all, many people in North America can’t afford to retire, let alone those in the undeveloped nations. Still others want to keep working to remain active, maintain their connections to others that they have in their work environments, and of course, maintain their sense of self-worth and identity.

But for those of us who are in the enviable position of being able to afford and who want to retire, what do we do for inspiration?

Do you have a bucket list – a list of things you want to do before you die?

Ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • What have you always wanted to do that you haven’t done before?
  • What are your personal goals and dreams?
  • Are there any countries you want to visit?
  • Are there any new skills you want to acquire?
  • What do you want to achieve? Consider your social/love life, family, health, financial goals, and (second) career.

Let me get you started by sharing with you my own personal bucket list – a work in progress.

Deborah’s bucket list:

  • Learn to speak another language.
  • Do a cross-Canada trip by rail.


  • Take a trip to Italy.
  • Become a foster parent or a Big Sister to help children in need.
  • Help my younger brother get back on his feet.
  • Find a place for two in Florida and become a snowbird with my husband.
  • Spend more time with friends.
  • Take out memberships at the museum and the art gallery.
  • Attend more cultural exhibits and functions (opera, ballet, theatre).
  • Become a Zumba regular to realize a healthier, fitter me!

What will make you happy and you give your life more meaning?

Share your own bucket list plans and inspire the rest of us.